shutterstock_205676188Do you have legacy information stored on non-digital media? Do your remote or mobile workers need fast access to business information?

Many organizations lack the technology or dedicated resources to address these issues.

Convert Legacy Information Into a Competitive Advantage

Incredibly valuable information exists within your enterprise. Some of it is part of your current workflow and some resides in accessible places. A great deal of critical information, however, is buried. It’s trapped on paper or on outdated media, such as aperture cards, microfilm and microfiche. Digitizing this buried information and getting it integrated with your workflow can help deliver powerful results — like faster innovation, greater speed to market and lower operating costs.



The Polack Corporation offers an affordable, flexible and highly secure service that directly addresses this key business issue.

The Polack Corporation and its partners can digitize your legacy information and integrate it with your electronic workflow — where it is secure, organized and easily accessed by authorized users. Our approach combines 25 years of document processing center expertise and an established imaging infrastructure with 44 sites across the U.S. — and it takes the tedious burden of managing through legacy information off your employees. Other benefits include improved decision making, more precise risk mitigation, enhanced regulatory compliance and reduced physical space requirements.

Expect Fast Turnaround and Measurable Cost Savings

With our nationwide network of 40 highly secure processing centers and 24/7 availability, digitization and delivery of your legacy information is virtually instantaneous. You get fast, affordable results without the cost required of production conversion equipment and software — or the time and investment required for personnel, training and management. You can also free up valuable on-site real estate or eliminate off-site storage. Plus, your documents and data are protected by multilevel “chain of custody” security systems and robust disaster recovery systems throughout the imaging process.

Online Delivery or a Choice of Portable Media

The Polack Corporation features a Backfile Conversion process that automatically scans and indexes legacy documents in any digital format you specify. Even advanced index terms – including machine printed digital and letters, hand-printed letters, numbers and checked boxes – are captured with exceptional consistency. Once indexed, digitized information is loaded into your document management system or integrated with your business processes. If you prefer, electronic files can be delivered on CD, DVD or portable hard drive media — or made available via a secure FTP site.

Handling Your Daily Flow of Information

For organizations that regularly receive paper and other documents in physical format, The Polack Corporation offersDay-Forward Scanning solutions for your business or organization, we can help you going forward scan, index and distribute documents for integration with your preexisting electronic document management system (EDMS) or an EDMS recommended and provided by Polack.

Contact us today, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your business needs and provide possible solutions to make your teams daily tasks as easy as possible.