Over the last 30 years at The Polack Corporation we have found the best ways to help K-12 schools is through our print management solution. This program can make information work for you by providing analysis, rules and cost recovery capability around all of your document output activities, helping to reduce costs, promote efficiencies and support your efforts around regulatory compliance.

The Business Challenge

As a school administrator, you are facing rising student populations and high MFP to student ratios which mean increased printing costs to you. Controlling these costs to satisfy your school board and parents is difficult. Implementing a print management strategy in schools with no visibility into print usage and limited IT manpower can be a struggle.







Solution :

Excessive printing, wasted paper and over-consumption of ink and toner not only waste resources and energy, it drives up your costs. Our solution applies rules to printing, copying, faxing and scanning, which can help reduce costs and promote efficiencies.








It can be difficult to understand and manage overall fleet usage. We can help you maintain accurate records of all printers and multifunctional products along with exact printing volumes, user details, cost comparisons and ROI reporting, making it easy to analyze budgeting, device cost and workflow.







Unintended exposure of student personally identifiable information can hinder compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Our solution can help protect documents and meet regulatory guidelines with security print release features that help control unauthorized access to student documents and records on the device.