The Polack Corporation offers workgroup scanning solutions for financial services and Insurance companies. From the small Insurance and financial businesses to large institutions, paper documents and forms are captured using scanners and routed via document management workflows.  For businesses under 15 or so employees our document management solution makes sure your paperwork is organized and in the right location when you need it. Our Workgroup Scanning Solution for large Financial Services and Insurance is ideal for handling exception pages rejected by online production scanning activity. These production scan rejections or exceptions routinely occur when multiple pages stapled together, torn pages or odd sided mixed originals exist during a production scan run. This solution provides financial services and insurance companies with ways to be more profitable and efficient in capturing information, by reducing time and labor normally allotted to legacy, paper-based document management workflows.



The Business Challenge

Your world is paper-based and heavily regulated. You feel burdened by complex application and information collection workflows, involving many steps, intake methods and documents. Unfortunately, your company is still using inefficient and time-intensive manual legacy capture processes, which hinders growth, weakens competitiveness and compliance with regulatory issues.








Regulatory compliance often starts with accountability and an audit trail. Imagine being able to track and index information captured from multiple sources – potentially, from point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive. This advanced capture and indexing solution will help you capture, transform and track information providing a powerful tool for your compliance initiatives. Another example of how we make information work for you by offering a document and data capture solution that puts into action the change, which up till now, you have only been able to imagine!








Whether capturing data from scanners, multi-function printers, emails and more, we can deliver to you a fast and flexible indexing solution. This solution will deliver actionable, process-ready data to core business systems. Our advanced capture solution helps drive down your costs by reducing manual data entry, physical shipping and storage.









Your customers expect fast, efficient service – and we can help you deliver it. When you’re able to process inquiries, loan applications, insurance claims and proof of delivery in a timely manner, your customers may thank you – and may even recommend you, instead of your competitors.