Convenience, Security, Less Waste and the Capability to Print From Anywhere Within Your Organization at the Swipe of a Badge or by Entering a Pin Number.


follow-you-printFollow-You Printing® with Secure Document Release supports user mobility while helping to reduce waste and protect personal information or client confidentiality. Part of the latest generation of print management and cost recovery solutions offered by The Polack Corporation, Follow-You Printing holds documents in a secure print server until users authenticate themselves at the networked printer/MFD of their choice, anywhere on your print network — across servers, departments and even geographic boundaries.


People on the move want the ability to print documents anywhere and anytime but what happens in your organization today?

  • A dash to the printer/MFD to keep private information safe from prying eyes?
  • Wasted paper, resources and money from documents left unclaimed?
  • Lost time and productivity because of tie-ups and bottle necks at the printer/MFD?
  • A call to the help desk to map new printers or install new drivers to be more productive?


Now You Don’t Have to Choose Between Security and Economy.

  • Enhances security by releasing documents only when users are physically at the printer/MFD
  • Promotes mobility by allowing users to release documents at any convenient printer/MFD, anywhere in your organization
  • Reduces waste by eliminating unclaimed printing and adding the accountability that encourage users to print only the documents they actually need
  • Supports popular card-based ID systems for simple authentication
  • Integrates easily into multi-vendor environments

 Increase Security, Confidentiality and Compliance.

Follow-You Printing with Secure Document Release makes it easy to keep confidential materials out of the wrong hands. And by accounting for and reporting all document output activity, Follow-You Printing helps organizations comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacy requirements.

 Improve Employee Productivity and Mobility.

Freed from reliance on a single printer, users can output documents when and where they are needed and avoid the inconvenience of printers that are busy or out of service.

 Reduce The Total Cost of Ownership.

Now you can eliminate the high, but hidden cost of personal printers kept by many employees to assure privacy. Follow-You Printing software brings the security of personal printers to every shared device.

 Simplify and Centralize Print Management.

Available as both device-embedded and terminal-based software, Follow-You Printing works with output devices from every manufacturer and provides one convenient administrative user interface for managing your entire fleet. This server-based solution requires no user desktop software. Fully standards-based, Follow-You Printing is compatible with IPSec encryption and supports alpha-numeric login, PIN entry, and magnetic stripe or proximity card authentication. Devices from different manufacturers can all be used in one system configuration.

 The Solution for Print Mobility, Document Accountability and Privacy.

Networked printers and MFD’s are not always conveniently located for workers who spend increasing amounts of time away from their desks. Unannounced plans or strategies can be prematurely divulged in documents left unattended or unclaimed at remote printers. Jams, malfunctions or lengthy queues can render printers unavailable when workers need them most. Server-based Follow-You Printing® with Secure Document Release supports worker mobility while increasing security and economy.

 How Does it Work?

Users print documents as normal, jobs are held in the Follow-You Printing queue in the secure server. At the printer of their choice, within your organization anywhere in the world, users swipe their ID card, enter a PIN, or both, to authenticate and their job is printed. Unreleased jobs are deleted after a specified amount of time.


End wasteful unclaimed printing only allowing print jobs to be output when users are ready to claim them at the printer. One East Coast college used this solution to reduce campus printing 41 percent in just one semester. Integration of Follow-You Printing with existing campus card systems and online accounts allows students, faculty and staff to use the same machines.


Protect attorney work product and client confidentiality by preventing documents from sitting exposed in the output trays at unattended printers. Follow-You Printing provides safeguards to help your firm maintain not only your clients’ trust but also compliance with corporate accountability and information privacy regulations.


Give employees the convenience of swiping their I.D. cards to release their documents and the flexibility to bypass printers that are busy or out of service.  Because Follow-You Printing operates across geographic boundaries, users can output queued documents at network printers in your organization’s branch offices, to avoid the risk losing or exposing them while traveling.

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