At The Polack Corporation we want to help your office become less wasteful and help reduce your energy consumption for the planet and for your pocketbook.

I am sure if you look around your office right now, can you see areas where you could be greener? Turning off the lights isn’t a practical solution, but there are many aspects of printing that can use fewer resources and conserve more energy.

From cars with stop-start technology, to monitors that go into stand-by when not being used, we experience automatic energy conserving technology every day. Your office can be just as efficient too by using up-to-date print technology.

At Polack, we are here to help you get a grip with all aspects of print and document management, including their effect on the environment. However green you choose to be, you’re guaranteed to save your company money through greener and more efficient document working practices.

Let us show you eight (8) ways how we can help make your office greener

1. Minimizing power consumption – Clever energy saving technology built in

All our devices contain the latest in low power consumption technology, with incredibly short warm-up times, ensuring eco-friendly service without affecting productivity. Ultra-low sleep modes with adjustable time settings and ECO night modes that turn off machines at dusk, are Energy Star compliant, saving you money and automatically reducing your office’s environmental impact.

2. Fleet right-sizing and optimization – Do you really need all those printers?

In some offices, it seems that printers are breeding like rabbits. The lack of even a rudimentary Print Policy leads to the ad-hoc buying of printers that quickly become unsustainable in terms of energy use, running costs and management.

As part of our Managed Print Service, we assess usage patterns and optimize device placement to minimize redundant or under-utilized copiers/faxes/printers. We look to deploy more energy efficient centralized multifunction printers (MFPs) that copy, fax, print and scan wherever possible and limit the deployment of inefficient single-function devices

3. Recycling toner cartridges, parts & machines – Helping you save time and be greener

We know that the management of disposing of used toner cartridges, toner bottles and machines can be confusing. What is recyclable? Is a toner cartridge an electrical item or not? Where do you dispose of a whole photocopier?

We can help you manage all of your printer assets by proving environmentally-friendly return, reuse and recycling services as standard. We can arrange free post return of toner cartridges and advise on which items can go into your general recycling. And at the end their useful life, we can collect and ethically dispose of and recycle your print equipment.

4. Gravitating you towards e-documents over paper – Inefficient analog processes in a digital age

Think about it. Traditional “analog” document workflows are inefficient. Moving paper from A to B requires printing, postage, travel time, labor time and lots of other factors that add costs and use resources.

Electronic Document Workflows reduce the amount of hard copy output. By using scan-to-email technology to distribute documents electronically, and storing scanned documents in a Document Management System, you not only save time and increase productivity but also reduce costs and use fewer resources.

5. Redirecting printing to the most-efficient device – Automatic rules for automatic savings

Energy and resource savings can be found in everyday printing by using the most-suitable device for the task at hand. Rules-based printing using Print Management software automatically redirects print jobs to the most suitable output device to optimize energy consumption, ensure use of resource-saving features and control access to color output.

6. Reduce paper usage – Your quickest and easiest way to be more sustainable

Whether it is encouraging double-sided printing, reducing the number of uncollected print jobs or making users accountable for their print use, there are many ways to reduce paper waste and usage. Print Management software, Electronic Document Workflows, Document Management Solutions, and our Managed Print Services, all have a positive effect on minimizing paper use. See our dedicated section on Controlling Paper Waste.

7. Mobile access to documents – Enable your employees to work from where they are

With Document Management software, your employees can securely access company files and records from anywhere at any time. Reducing the need for them to visit office locations and make unnecessary and inefficient journeys. They’ll use less fuel, less paper, less time and produce more. It’s a win-win.

8. Eco Technology – Designed to be greener from the start

When it comes to green technology, our Tier 1 manufacturers, Savin and Ricoh, are clearly discernable from their competitors. In their pursuit of sustainability, they have developed printing technologies such as Polymerized Toner, which uses 30% less energy, and Quick Start-Up Technology, which enables MFPs to recover quickly from energy-saving modes. If sustainability is important to your company, then these technologies can make a difference when choosing your supplier.