Savin’s Integrated Cloud Environment lets you power up your Savin MFP with powerful scanning, OCR file conversion, document delivery and mobile printing as cloud services. There’s no software to buy. You just open an account.

Cloud Scanning

Savin’s Integrated Cloud Environment (“ICE”) makes document scanning & routing easier. Its powerful OCR engine converts your scanned documents into editable files and lets you send them to email or directly to your favorite cloud services — for access to your documents whenever you’re on the go.

Scan to Email

Scan to Email lets you send a scanned document as an attachment to any email address. The OCR and file conversion are managed in the cloud, where your scanned image data is converted to a searchable file format. An intuitive user interface and easy settings (such as registered users, color, duplex and file type) make for simple operation. Scan to Email uses 128-bit encrypted transmission.

Scan to OCR

ICE turns your scanned paper documents into Searchable PDF, Word or Excel files. Your SavinMFP is OCR capable with ICE!

Reduce the Typing Burden

Typing up a whole paper document can be a lengthy task. Scanning to ICE makes it easy to convert paper documents into editable file formats, such as searchable PDFs, Word or Excel files.

Make it Searchable and Go Right to Where You Want in the Document

It can be challenging to find the area you want in a lengthy document. ICE converts your scanned documents into searchable formats, so it will be easier to search, edit, and process later.

Scan Directly to Cloud Services

Many cloud services are available for business productivity, cloud storage, collaboration and CRM. The Integrated Cloud Environment includes built-in connections that let you scan directly to these popular applications. You can save steps by scanning documents into the applications you use right from the MFP

 Currently ICE provides scanning to these applications:

  • Concur
  • Evernote
  • Egnyte
  • SharePoint
  • SkyDrive
  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • YouSendit
  • NetDocuments
  • Salesforce
  • NetSuite
  • DocumentMall
  • HotSpot Print
  • PrintCloud
  • Office 365
  • eFax

Why Cloud?

The Integrated Cloud Environment unlocks new productivity-enhancing capabilities from your MFP without the technical hassle and cost of on-premises solutions. Services are easy to turn on and add or change with your needs.




Ideal for Mobile Users

The Integrated Cloud Environment is ideal for mobile professionals and people on the go. The ability to scan and send documents from the MFP to your mobile device, storage location and a variety of other cloud-based applications gives mobile workers the productivity they need with the flexibility they want. This automation is complemented by the Print Cloud follow me-style printing. With Print Cloud you can print from any Print Cloud enabled MFP, without installing printer drivers or even knowing where you’ll be…because with Print Cloud your documents can find you.

Your Key to Process Automation

Integrated Cloud Environment features enterprise class OCR as one of its standard features. This allows each document that is scanned to be turned into a digital document with completely searchable text and meta data included to identify the documents and facilitate search, retrieval and time saving document processes.

128-bit SSL Encryption

Integrated Cloud Environment provides 128-bit encryption of documents during the scanning and printing processes. Savin’s Integrated Cloud Environment is within a SSAE16 compliant facility.

Simple UI

At the MFP you can access the capabilities of the Integrated Cloud Environment from the touch screen panel. The simple, easy to use interface has large graphical buttons and only the services that have been activated appear. As new services are added they automatically appear in the Integrated Cloud Environmentmenu displayed on the MFP.



Print Cloud

Print Cloud allows you to print anywhere using your PC or mobile device by obtaining a document release code. This follow me-style printing lets you retrieve your documents from any Print Cloud enabled MFP, without installing printer drivers or having to specify the printer from which you want to print.



print cloudWho Should Use Print Cloud

  • Mobile users looking for follow me-style printing


  • Print Cloud solves the problem of not having access to a printer when you’re mobile
  • You don’t need to connect to a network in order to print
  • Multiple ways to submit a print job, including your laptop, Smartphone or mobile device to print to any Print Cloud-enabled printer or MFP
  • Supports printing of the email body along with attachments and URLs contained in the email
  • Follow me-style printing lets you print your documents at any Print Cloud enabled MFP without specifying the MFP in advance
  • Control output settings at the MFP including: number of copies, duplex, layout or stapling


Using Print Cloud

  • To use the service, you “print” to the cloud from the action menu in any file, or you can email your print job directly to the Print Cloud at
  • Your files are held in the cloud until you are ready to pick them up.
  • The software can process and print attachments such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files; PDFs, photos, webpages, even the email body text.
  • Once the mail is received by the Print Cloud service, a release code is generated and mailed back to you. Or, you can choose to receive the release code via SMS.
  • Simply enter your release code at the device to retrieve your prints.
  • Collaboration features for document sharing allow documents to be sent to specific recipients and locked to prevent re-sharing with unauthorized people. The sender can also limit the duration of the shared document’s availability.