Did you know without a Managed Print Service (MPS) program you could be spending up to 3% of your revenues on copying and printing*? Copying and printing documents is still a vital part of the way business communicates – however until recently, these processes have been complex and unmanaged, often resulting in a sharp increase in copy/print costs. Independent research analysts Gartner refers to this part of the business as ‘the last great area of uncontrolled costs’.

The solution to this challenge is a more structured approach to document production – a Managed Print Service. Under a Managed Print Service, your entire fleet of devices and their output would be managed with the primary objective of being able to radically reduce your costs and help reduce your environmental impact.

Key Benefits of a Managed Print Service include:

  • Savings of 30% and more on your copy/print costs
  • Single supplier for equipment, service & support
  • Internal IT resource can concentrate on core tasks and not printers and copiers
  • Employee productivity is enhanced
  • Confidential documents remain secure
  • Environmental targets will be met

*source: Gartner Group 2010

Polack Total Care MPS

At The Polack Corporation we can help you manage and control all of your document output devices under the “all-encompassing” Polack Total Care MPS program. We begin by optimizing your existing fleet of devices, whether supplied by The Polack Corporation or not and replace outdated and uneconomical devices if required.

The purpose of our service is to deliver tangible cost savings and a reduction in the amount of paper and consumables you use. It will also give you complete visibility of the total costs of running your entire fleet. We will then work with you to deliver cost and environmental savings on a consistently reviewed basis.

Polack Total Care MPS will:

  • Understand your total document output costs
  • Develop a plan customized to your business Document Output Strategy
  • Design a print environment right for your business
  • In most cases reduce your copy/print costs by 30% or more
  • Provide a one supplier, one invoice solution
  • Continuously review and optimize your account

By managing your entire fleet of devices and their usage efficiently, your staff can focus on more important activities as they will no longer need to deal with separate suppliers for equipment, consumables, service or support.

Polack Total Care MPS has three (3) proven phases of implementation:

Step 1) Assess

  • Examine your document processes
  • Implement a detailed device audit
  • Measure each devices volume
  • Determine your total Cost

Step 2) Optimize

  • Device Utilization
  • Document Output Strategy
  • Consumables Management
  • Remote Technical Fixes

Step 3) Manage

  • Reduce/Consolidate device numbers and output costs
  • Ongoing performance reports
  • Continuous improvements
  • Ongoing account management

With this proven process we are confident we can help your business realize immediate savings and improved workflow.

Collaborate with us now. Your business can’t afford to wait any longer to start realizing the efficiencies and savings of Polack Total Care MPS!

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