The Challenge: Securely print to your network from any device, anywhere.

We are now in a mobile world of tablets and smart phones tied to the way we do business, finding a way for all of those company owned devices to print securely is a challenge most businesses are now running into. Add to that the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the policy of permitting employees to use their own smart devices in the workplace has doubled the challenges for IT departments try to regulate access, security and printing.  Employees are doing things on their mobile devices that they used to have to do on their laptops and the complexity of managing mobile print can seem a step too far for many IT managers.


Print from your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet…

With our range of mobile printing solutions – smart mobile printing software – you can print business documents from your mobile device when and where you need them. This could be your Smartphone, iPad, Tablet or Laptop. Send your print jobs to any enabled printer or MFDs – whether you’re in the office, at home in a coffee shop or at a client site – and then simply collect the documents when you need them. These solutions make printing even more accessible for mobile workers.

The Polack Corporation has a wide range of solutions to enable your mobile employees and guests to print locally or from outside your network, from any device and securely all while enabling you and your business to monitor all aspects of mobile printing.

Available Solutions Include:

  • Enterprise Mobile Printing
  • Secure Mobile Printing
  • Guest Printing
  • Tracking & Reporting

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