Clarity over your print environment could reveal cost-saving opportunities well worth having.

At The Polack Corporation we believe in providing a print management solutions to our customers (please note Print Management is different from Managed Print Service- MPS). At The Polack Corporation our print management solution takes a dynamic, consultative approach to perfecting our clients’ print, scan, fax and copy processes organization-wide whether you are 5000 employee corporation or a 10 person insurance firm we are able to offer a straight-forward approach.

Expert Insight Delivering Clarity and Control
Managing your print environment is not your core business. Luckily, it is ours. Our complete print audit service will understand what you need from your office print environment and recommend a solution which meets your requirements exactly. We will save you money, we will streamline your processes and we will increase your team’s efficiencies and productivity.

Independent Advice and a Road Map for the Future
In Michigan, The Polack Corporation was one of the first companies to take a consultancy approach to managed print, we have been doing managed print for 25 years. Our experts have unrivaled experience in fully understanding any given print environment and then devising how best to streamline operations, rationalize devices and select the most performance-enhancing mix of print hardware and software for the job:

  • An organization-wide review of print costs, usage, usage needs, office environments
  • Independent recommendations and projected efficiencies outlined within an integrated managed print strategy
  • A roadmap for change management and ongoing support

The Polack Corporation’s assessment and evaluation is painless and doesn’t take a lot of your time.  Our Solution Consultants will do 98% of the work, you will only need to answer a few questions and put us in contact with your IT professional.

Contact us today to start talking about how you want to manage your prints and start freeing up wasted expenses on unmanaged printing.