At The Polack Corporation our combination document management solutions and cost recovery technologies are uniquely suited to address the needs of today’s real estate offices. In addition, the ability of Savin devices to track and report utilization can greatly reduce the steps needed to recover costs associated with copying, faxing and other document handling processes in your real estate office activity.

We provide you one partner for all of your network management and business information needs. We are the source for all of your real estate technology requirements. We have the experience to implement and manage the office technology necessary to help you conduct your business efficiently and productively. This leaves your office staff and agents free to concentrate on more important sales related activities.

The Real Estate Business Challenge

Many real estate offices have minimal dedicated technical resources, so leveraging new technologies, streamlining processes and reducing costs can be difficult. Often, there is no clearly defined way to recover real estate agent office costs such as printing, copying, faxing and scanning.








Our cloud-based document management solutions enable access to business information anytime from anywhere. Cloud scanning and cloud printing connect directly to a customizable MFP user interface. You benefit from document storage, data tracking and reporting without the technical hassles and costs associated with on premise solutions.


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Our digital scanning technology makes it easy to file, search, retrieve and disseminate documents related to real estate records, while supporting your regulatory compliance needs. Paper-based processes become a thing of the past, reducing paper output and helping the environment.









Now tracking and billing printing, copying and faxingback to individual agents is easy. We completely automate the process with our Device Manager NX Accounting Solution. This eliminates time-consuming manual methods and potential disputes while helping you reduce document related expenses.



Contact us know to have one of our knowledgeable Solution Consultants discuss with you how we can help your firm reduce costs and streamline process to help your team be as productive as possible.