The Polack Corporation’s Distributed Scanning Solution for Retail provides a fast and efficient way to get documents to a centralized location. By combining our reliable multifunction color devices with our best-in-class advanced scanning software, you get a digital document workflow going to your corporate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Business Process Management (BPM). This addresses your unique document challenges, makes the information more accessible and allows you to focus more on customer facing tasks.

The Business Challenge

Every day, your priority is providing excellent customer service for store guests. But every day, your focus is diverted to making sure business-critical paper documents reach corporate headquarters. So how do you get vendor bills of lading and invoices, W-4 and I-9 forms from decentralized, store level locations to corporate headquarters for processing and storage? All without ringing up millions of dollars, per year, for overnight delivery services. And how do you make sure that information is accessible via computers, tablets or smart phones anytime, anywhere?








Each piece of paper can be subject to wait times. This delays decision-making and slows efficiency. Our solution replaces overnight delivery with a faster, digital document workflow for getting information like driver’s licenses and applications to Corp. HQ. Greatly reducing the time it takes to get documents like employee manuals and other important documents to store managers, since you can print them in B & W or color on the MP C4503 or MP C5503 devices.








Scan it to your content management system, and it’s done. Our Global Scan NX software combined with our Multifunction Devices brings efficiency, speed and scalability to your operation. Documents from multiple store locations can be scanned on these devices and arrive in your ECM instantly so information is always up to the second.








Our Distributed Scanning Solution for Retail, powered by Global Scan NX can help drastically reduce overnight shipping costs. Not only can you increase workflow efficiency, but you’ll reduce prolonged wait times for business-critical documents and warehousing costs associated with long-term, off-site, storage. Plus you save paper because documents can be accessed and distributed electronically.