Make the Right Decision for You, Your Staff and Your Business

Choosing a copier service supplier can be a stressful process. Unfortunately the copier industry at large has a poor reputation founded on unfair service contracts, un-kept service promises, poor response times and hidden incremental costs.  We think you deserve better.

The Polack Corporation was founded on the express desire to provide the industry’s best service and support.  Along with this we created our flexible, honest and transparent service contracts that have nothing to hide except our use of 100% genuine toner and parts. When you come to sign our contracts we want you to feel that you’ve made the right decision for you, your staff and your business.

Chose the Contract That is Best for You.

At The Polack Corporation our maintenance contracts range from one to five years and as you would expect include all parts, labor, drums and toner.  We only charge for prints and we don’t charge for scans.  If you’re looking to change supplier and like what you hear and would like to try us for a year – you can. You choose.

100% Original Toner & Parts

Does it matter whether your supplier uses original toners and parts?  Definitely!  3rd party supplies are cheaper to buy, but these savings are rarely passed onto the customer. What companies receive instead are print quality and reliability issues caused by consumables that were never designed for their equipment, like toner build up, fusing problems and dirty prints.

At The Polack Corporation, we think you deserve to get what you pay for, the best quality. Every customer’s new machine is supplied and replenished with 100% genuine original toner and maintained with certified manufacturer parts to provide you with the optimum performance. We take no shortcuts.

No Hidden Charges

Service contracts are being offered with incredibly attractive cost-per-copy maintenance charges, but some companies are masking a number of hidden charges that businesses are only discovering when it’s too late.  We ask that you allow us to help you decipher some hidden items that may be included in service contracts that you would not be aware of.  We’d like you to be wary and question when something seems too good to be true. At The Polack Corporation, we have no hidden charges and are happy for you to view all our contract terms before signing our agreements.